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Efficiency Frontier

  1. When assembling an investment portfolio, the efficient frontier describes an allocation where no other portfolio exists with a higher expected return at the same standard deviation of return (i.e., risk).
  2. The efficiency frontier is where I aspire to be partnering with founders: new products and services that help us work and live with better results, less frustration, and more free time.

I wasn't a perfect student in college economics classes, so you may have to overlook imprecision in my definitions here...

Kevin Zhang

Over the years, I've felt most fulfilled and energized when I can help passionate people realize their goals. Today, I have the privilege of spending time with founders and technologists as a partner at Bain Capital Ventures.

At Bain, I partner from inception with founders who are building for the real world. Recently, I've underwritten teams building composable software, reimagining services with machine intelligence, and pursuing bold visions in longevity and carbon removal. I try to avoid the latest hype and especially appreciate founders with independent conviction.

Previously, I was the first business hire and Head of Product at Fundera, a venture-backed marketplace for small business financing. I learned about optimizing AdWords campaigns, pushing pixels (in Sketch!), and planning a product launch; I bought our Facebook handle from a Swedish expat in Thailand, trudged home reflecting on hires who didn't work out, and spent many nights sleeping on a sofa at the office. Along the way, our team helped thousands of small business owners secure $200M+ in financing, and was eventually acquired by Nerdwallet, now a publicly-traded personal finance company.

I am committed to building communities and meaningful relationships. In college, I led the student entrepreneurship society at Columbia, and today, I remain involved as a board member of the Columbia College Alumni Association and an organizer of Columbia in Tech.